Our Story


From an early age, Keisha, the Founder and Owner of Knotts ‘N’ Kurls Beautique,
has had a passion for beautifying and helping to groom others. She relishes in braiding as she finds it very therapeutic. Over the years of catering to others, and with creating and mastering a plethora of braiding designs—doing hair soon became a part-time gig for her. However, Keisha—a dreamer—thought of ways in which she could balance family and her creative art. In 2012 her dreams came to
fruition when Knotts ‘N’ Kurls Kids Salon was birthed. Initially, she began catering to children with “Natural Hair”, she created a kid friendly space in which parents would drop off their children in Keisha’s trust, while they ran their daily errands. Keisha’s gentle spirit, extraordinary competencies, and a kind heart allow her to connect easily with her clients.

Keisha lives by the adage, “Creativity is Endless”, which only makes sense as she began creating and formulating her line’s Everyday Essential Oils. These products have the best oils one can think of that has great benefits. She is the creator of body butters, candles, soaps and much more, which many people appreciate. Knotts ‘n’ Kurls Beautique wants to help families achieve a higher standard of living by providing for them a wide range of products and services. Providing services such as: braiding, dread re-lock, twists, and other natural styles. Knotts ‘N’ Kurls Beautique supplies homemade natural skin and hair care products —with the focus of using natural products that are packed with plant and essential oils. Since opening in 2012, our products and services have received impressive reviews. Keisha’s passion turned into what is now a lifestyle, and she hopes to leave this legacy to her four growing boys!

Knotts ‘n’ Kurls Beautique is located at 2964 Main Street in the North End of Hartford with ample parking.
Telephone number is (860)816-2861

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